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Welcome to the official website of Kathryn A. Walker, a renowned leader in the field of mental health and the pioneering force behind Revitalist, one of the nation’s leading clinics specializing in ketamine therapy and other groundbreaking treatments.

Pioneering the Future of Psychotherapy

Welcome to the official website of Kathryn A. Walker, a renowned leader in the field of mental health and the pioneering force behind Revitalist, one of the nation’s leading clinics specializing in ketamine therapy and other groundbreaking treatments.

With a tireless commitment to innovation, Kathryn A. Walker has dedicated her career to exploring and integrating new treatment modalities to address various mental health conditions effectively. Her progressive approach incorporates a range of therapies, including but not limited to Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy, Home Ketamine Therapy, Esketamine, and Deprescribing with Psychedelics.

Her work is driven by a profound belief in the human capacity for transformation and resilience, and a vision for a future where mental health treatment is not only effective but also personalized, compassionate, and accessible to all who need it.

Here, you will discover more about the remarkable treatments that Kathryn A. Walker and her team provide, the science behind them, and how they could potentially change your life or the life of someone you love. Each topic serves as an introduction to a more comprehensive exploration of these groundbreaking therapies. Click on the links provided to delve deeper into each subject.


Ketamine, initially recognized for its role as a dissociative anesthetic, is now gaining traction as a groundbreaking therapy in mental health care. The unique properties of this compound have demonstrated remarkable potential in managing mental health conditions that show resistance to conventional treatments, such as depression and anxiety.

Kathryn A. Walker, known for her expertise and pioneering work in the field, is leveraging the therapeutic potential of ketamine to address these challenging disorders. She recognizes that a significant fraction of patients don’t find sufficient relief with standard treatment options. This gap in mental health care paves the way for alternatives like ketamine, a powerful tool that has shown promise where other treatments have not.

In her renowned practice at Revitalist, Kathryn employs ketamine as a key component of the therapeutic repertoire. With its ability to instigate robust changes in brain function and structure, ketamine has provided a ray of hope for many individuals who had previously lost faith in finding an effective treatment. This unique compound is opening new avenues in psychiatry, enabling care providers to tackle debilitating conditions more effectively.

Yet, ketamine treatment is not merely about the administration of a drug; it’s about a comprehensive approach to healing. Kathryn’s approach emphasizes the importance of an integrative, individualized treatment plan that goes beyond pharmacological intervention, exploring lifestyle changes, psychological therapies, and supportive care to optimize outcomes.

Home Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) stands as a novel therapeutic approach, ingeniously marrying the time-tested techniques of traditional psychotherapy with the pioneering use of ketamine. This unique synthesis has proven a game-changer, helping patients break free from the constraints of their mental health disorders, providing an opportunity for true healing and recovery.

Guided by the clinical expertise and visionary leadership of Kathryn A. Walker, KAP is changing lives. In her practice at Revitalist, Kathryn recognizes the value of this groundbreaking method and uses it to deliver profound and enduring results. Where traditional therapies alone might fail, the combination of ketamine’s neuromodulatory effects with the explorative and reconstructive process of psychotherapy provides a holistic approach to healing.

KAP works by utilizing ketamine’s ability to create a state of heightened plasticity in the brain, during which the psychotherapeutic process can effect deeper and more enduring change. This innovative treatment opens doors to new levels of understanding and coping mechanisms for patients, unlocking pathways of the mind previously inaccessible through conventional treatment methods.

Yet, KAP is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. Kathryn’s approach underscores the importance of personalizing therapy to meet the unique needs and experiences of each patient. The integration of ketamine in this tailored treatment plan amplifies the impact of psychotherapy, helping patients rewrite their narrative towards one of empowerment, resilience, and growth.

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Home Ketamine Therapy represents a breakthrough in delivering high-quality mental health care right in the tranquillity of one’s personal space. It is designed with an understanding of the diverse needs of patients, particularly those for whom regular visits to the clinic could pose logistical or emotional challenges. This innovative approach to treatment allows for flexibility and personalization, catering to each patient’s unique circumstances and needs.

Kathryn A. Walker, a vanguard in the field of mental health treatment, recognizes the imperative for access to mental health services that are not just effective, but also easily accessible. To this end, she has developed comprehensive guidelines and stringent protocols to ensure the safe and effective administration of home ketamine therapy.

In Home Ketamine Therapy, patients receive the transformative benefits of ketamine without the stress and anxiety that may accompany clinic visits. It’s a progressive approach to care that acknowledges the importance of a familiar, comfortable setting in enhancing the effectiveness of therapy. This approach embodies Kathryn’s belief in patient-centered care, where treatment is not merely about the administration of a medication, but about addressing the holistic needs of the individual.

Kathryn’s team at Revitalist works closely with each patient, providing clear instructions, ongoing support, and regular monitoring to ensure the highest standards of care and safety are maintained throughout the treatment process. Home Ketamine Therapy is more than a convenience; it’s a reaffirmation of the commitment to personalized, compassionate care.


Esketamine, a cutting-edge development in the field of mental health care, is a derivative of ketamine that has gained significant recognition for its role in managing severe, treatment-resistant depression. This novel therapeutic agent has shown remarkable efficacy where many other treatments have not, providing a glimmer of hope for those grappling with debilitating depression that remains unresponsive to traditional therapies.

A leader at the vanguard of psychiatric treatment, Kathryn A. Walker has integrated esketamine into her therapeutic toolbox at Revitalist. Recognizing its extraordinary potential, she employs esketamine as a powerful resource for those patients who have long sought relief from their suffering, often without success.

Esketamine’s unique action mechanism acts rapidly, targeting the neural pathways associated with mood and thought, providing rapid relief from the symptoms of depression. It has been heralded as a major advancement in psychiatry, providing a new approach to a condition that has been notoriously challenging to treat effectively.

Yet, in Kathryn’s practice, esketamine therapy is not a standalone treatment. It’s part of a comprehensive, personalized therapeutic strategy that encompasses various therapeutic modalities, supportive care, and lifestyle changes. This integrative approach ensures that while esketamine may provide rapid symptom relief, the underlying causes of the patient’s condition are also addressed, thereby promoting lasting healing and recovery.

Deprescribing with Psychedelics

Deprescribing with psychedelics represents a burgeoning area of study in mental health care. This innovative approach focuses on the strategic use of psychedelic substances to facilitate the safe reduction or discontinuation of conventional psychiatric medications, providing an alternative pathway for patients who seek to minimize their long-term reliance on these drugs.

Leading this trailblazing exploration is Kathryn A. Walker, whose steadfast commitment to advancing mental health treatment has positioned her at the forefront of this emerging field. Kathryn’s work integrates the unique properties of psychedelic substances to aid patients in their transition away from long-term medications. This novel approach aligns with her holistic vision of mental health care that prioritizes patient empowerment, autonomy, and overall well-being.

Psychedelics, such as psilocybin and ketamine, possess properties that can facilitate profound shifts in perception, emotion, and thought processes. These alterations can catalyze significant therapeutic transformations, potentially making it possible for some patients to reduce their dependence on conventional psychiatric medications.

Yet, deprescribing is not a process to be undertaken lightly. Kathryn’s approach is meticulous and patient-focused, involving careful planning, monitoring, and therapeutic support. The goal is not merely to cease medication but to enable a safe, effective transition that ultimately enhances the patient’s quality of life.

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